Dementia Academy


Here's just a few of the comments and feedback from Dementia Mapping that we have recieved...

"Fantastic, really informative, we can certainly work from it and improve our service"

"We felt the feedback from the dementia care map was relevant, staff were so enthusiastic afterwards about changing what they do for the benefit of the service users".

"Since the map the enthusiasm of the unit manager has driven forward the changes agreed in the action plan".

"It sometimes takes someone from outside of the home to help direct us in the right direction".

Feedback from the Ambassadors training so far...

“I intend to ensure that I share this information with the rest of the team. I aim to try to more holistically address the unmet needs of my clients. I particularly found it beneficial to have the information provided by a range of people, different backgrounds. This provided a more in depth and varied experience”.

"Wonderful!! An insight into a condition I had no idea of, I feel the training will make a difference to my work".

“The most effective and interesting training course I have done, all trainers excellent, much enjoyed and very useful course”.


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