Dementia Academy

What is the Dementia Academy?

The Dementia Academy has been created to help transform the quality of life for people with dementia and their family carers. The Academy will provide a single point of access for those living and working with people with dementia across Hull to receive information, training and promote workforce development.

The academy consists of five elements:

The Dementia Academy Diagram

Dementia Care Mapping

Dementia Care Mapping (DCM) is a method designed to evaluate quality of care from the perspective of the person with dementia.  It is used in formal care settings such as hospitals, care homes and day care.  It is based on the promotion of person centred care.

The process of using DCM includes briefing those involved about DCM, observing a number of people with dementia over a period of time and recording information about their experience of care, analysing and interpreting this and then feeding it back to staff.  This information is then used to draw up an action plan to bring about change and improvements.

DCM has also been used as a focus for staff training and development and as an aid to care planning.  We aim to provide a similar approach to improvements in home care.

Developing Person Centred Care

The Dementia Academy will work with people and organisations to promote person centred care and along with them develop programmes to achieve improvements in care services.  These changes may be as a result of applying DCM or where services have recognised a need to develop.  Assistance will also be given to develop procedures and guidelines to achieve best practice. The Older People’s Mental Health Team will help and support services to achieve this.

Training and Workforce Development

The Dementia Academy will provide accredited and quality assured training with the academy establishing a baseline minimum level of training promoting a consistent approach across all service provision. A competency framework and structured training pathway will enable individuals to build and develop their skills and knowledge.

This will help us achieve the improvement of the quality of care for people with dementia across all services inHullto meet National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) standards and the National Dementia Strategy (NDS).

Through this process the Academy model will drive up standards and remove inequalities, and create an informed and effective workforce.

Support and Coordination

The Dementia Academy team will collect and analyse data, schedule training, manage the web site, intranet and resource library, formulate funding applications and design bids. We will organise conferences and awareness raising events.


Timebanking offers a way of connecting people to exchange and share skills and resources.  No money changes hands – just people doing things for other people for free, in return they can ask other people to do things for them.  Everyone is valued equally and everyone has a skill they can offer.

The Dementia Academy will link with timebanking as a means for people to get things done and receive services and training which they might otherwise not be able to access or afford.

Dementia Ambassadors

The Ambassadors will influence the use of best practice.  They will use their skills and knowledge to share information, mentor and role model. They will enable and support to encourage positive attitudes to change the culture of care. We expect that every residential care home, GP practice and all other community and hospital services will have a trained Dementia Ambassador.  The Academy’s aim will be to extend this to wider networks and facilities creating dementia friendly communities.


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